Is #HowIWillChange the right response to #MeToo?

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Oct 17
[caption id="attachment_653" align="alignleft" width="450"] #MeToo[/caption] #MeToo took over the social media last couple of days, but the sad part was it took a social media hashtag to realize the widespread scale of the issue. The question we need to ask as men is that why did these stories and shares surprise us? What was about this trend that made us uncomfortable? Is it the fact that so many women we know have suffered the ordeal

Dusshera Reflections

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Sep 30
Dusshera, the day of annihilation of the evil is also the last day of my novel ‘Ten Days in October’. This is the day that celebrates the Goddess Durga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura and Lord Rama’s victory over the demon king Ravana. On this day we burn the effigies of Ravana with fireworks with the hope that the demons inside us get destroyed with it. I started writing the novel almost two years ago,

Does the mantle of social reform only rest with judiciary?

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Aug 28
Supreme Court of India a new paved way for social reform with two landmark judgements. First was declaring the practice of ‘triple-talaq’ unconstitutional and second ruled privacy as a fundamental right for every person in India including freedom of sexual orientation. We need to answer why we rely on judiciary to fix social issues plaguing the society? Triple-Talaq First in the matter of ‘triple-talaq’ or the practice where a Muslim man divorce his wife by

Mom Movie: A Good Crime Fiction Turned in Bollywood Drama

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Jul 27
Mom, the comeback movie for Bollywood’s once leading actress Sridevi has earned both good and bad reviews focusing too much on the performances of characters and the plot. In my first ever movie review, I agree that there were holes in the plot but I found the movie refreshing for its pace and execution. Mom is yet another ‘rape-and-revenge’ drama where the protagonist is the stepmother of the victim who justifies her actions by choosing

Can Historical Wrongs Justify Today’s Actions?

Jul 12
Is there any truth to the saying that ‘history is written by the victor’? I never thought I will face conflicting emotions looking at the history from an alternate perspective when I planned a vacation to Scotland. The cab dropped us to the top of the cobbled road running through the heart of Old Town in Edinburgh and I was sure that I was going to love the city and the country. On a cloudy

Lynching: A New Normal in Social Justice?

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Jun 02
No one knows more about lynching than United States. Since the days of Klu Klux Klan lynching was used for targeted killings by white supremacists and as a tool to crush the identity of people of color. It is estimated that more than 4000 people were lynched in United States from 1877 t0 1950. Lynching is not just a murder but spectacle leading to mass euphoria. Tickets were sold in past and families made picnic

Any cure for polarization of social media politics?

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Apr 26
As much as we want to believe that social media is an enabler for democratic political processes and spreading of information, there is increasing evidence that the information overload is just creating more divisions than fostering a healthy debate. You are either on the side of the political views or against the views and are subject to bigotry. In the United States, Trump supporters are labeled as racist, xenophobic, bigoted etc. The latest Post-ABC poll
Say No to Racism

No Moral High Ground for Racism Remonstrance

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Mar 30
                    The beating of young Kenyan woman by a mob and attack on two Nigerian students in a mall near New Delhi ooze of racism that is deeply engraved in Indian psyche. As a brown skin Indian living in America, there is renewed debate about increased racism faced by Indians after recent political changes. Others However, most conversations focus around the fact that ignorance is clubbing

Two hoots to gender equality and freedom of speech

Mar 08
              On the eve of international women’s day, I want to take a pause and reflect on the recent events in India that show that we still have long way to go when it comes to gender equality and freedom of speech. Anti-national branding and vilification of Gurmeher Kaur A lot has been said and published about how Gurmeher Kaur has got rape threats, mocked and vilified on social

Identity Crisis: Being Brown in America

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Feb 27
“Do we belong here? What is my identity?” is the obvious question raised after Kansas shooting. The land of opportunities, the melting pot and country where anyone can make the dreams come true is no longer a safe place. But is this a recent phenomenon?  Can we blame the loss of human life to increasingly isolating rhetoric from the top? I had always maintained that as humans we have always sought refuge in defining our