Does the mantle of social reform only rest with judiciary?

Supreme Court of India a new paved way for social reform with two landmark judgements. First was declaring the practice of ‘triple-talaq’ unconstitutional and second ruled privacy as a fundamental right for every person in India including freedom of sexual orientation. We need to answer why we rely on judiciary to fix social issues plaguing the society? Triple-Talaq First in the matter of ‘triple-talaq’ or the practice where a Muslim man divorce his wife by…

Mom Movie: A Good Crime Fiction Turned in Bollywood Drama

Mom, the comeback movie for Bollywood’s once leading actress Sridevi has earned both good and bad reviews focusing too much on the performances of characters and the plot. In my first ever movie review, I agree that there were holes in the plot but I found the movie refreshing for its pace and execution. Mom is yet another ‘rape-and-revenge’ drama where the protagonist is the stepmother of the victim who justifies her actions by choosing…

Can Historical Wrongs Justify Today’s Actions?

Is there any truth to the saying that ‘history is written by the victor’? I never thought I will face conflicting emotions looking at the history from an alternate perspective when I planned a vacation to Scotland. The cab dropped us to the top of the cobbled road running through the heart of Old Town in Edinburgh and I was sure that I was going to love the city and the country. On a cloudy…


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