Is violence the only way to express religious pride?

I grew up hearing “Garv se kaho hum Hindu hai” (Say with pride that we are Hindu), a chant by Shiv Sena supporters in their rallies. It is perfectly fine to be proud of one’s religion and express the pride; after all it brings the sense of belonging that we humans crave for. However, it is disturbing to see how the expression has manifested in cowardly acts of violence these days. The religion that I…

Padmavati Row: Regression to Medieval Norms?

As the Padmavati row rages on, defending the honor of mythical medieval queen has raised a lot of questions. While the Supreme Court of India has rejected the calls for stopping the release of the movie, some states  including Madhya Pradesh have banned the movie. Questionable evidence to support the lore First, the basis of the movie, the legend of Queen Padmini has little historical evidence and many contemporary historians have questioned the story’s authenticity….

Is #HowIWillChange the right response to #MeToo?

#MeToo took over the social media last couple of days, but the sad part was it took a social media hashtag to realize the widespread scale of the issue. The question we need to ask as men is that why did these stories and shares surprise us? What was about this trend that made us uncomfortable? Is it the fact that so many women we know have suffered the ordeal or is it that they…